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Glenn Thomas

Darrell Anthony Burgess
True Freedom
Love Opens Doors
Take Off
Who Do You Think You Are?
Love Covers
Rivers of Grace
Lean Not to Your Own Understanding: Irvin Vance
Sister Sharon Thompson
Gold Nuggets

Time for Change!
Time for Change!
Take Your Life Back
Guest Speaker: Nate Tanner
Wisdom Keys

Sister Sharon Thompson
Production in Christ
Miles Jones: Components of His Love
The Power of the Seed
Entering His Rest
How to Handle the Seasons of Life
Darrell Anthony Burgess: The Disciple Walk
Hope Changes Everything
Road to Redemption
Finding your identity in Christ
Sharon Thompson: Jesus is the answer
Winning the War Within
Freedom in Christ
Being Planted: Irvin Vance
Looking for Jesus
Darrell Anthony Burgess: Growing in Faith through Rest
Miles Jones: Victory
Finish the race Pt 2
Finish the Race
Look at God!
Peace At Last
Cecil Paxon: Receiving from God Pt 1
Cecil Paxon: Receiving from God Pt 2
Anchored in Christ
Cecil Paxon: Receiving from God Pt 2
Cecil Paxon: Receiving from God Pt 2
Miles Jones: God’s Design for your Life
Love Lifted Me
He Must Increase
Christ Roots: Darrell Anthony Burgess
Victory in Christ
Sharon Thompson: Using God’s Armour in the Army of the Lord
Irvin Vance: Life After Death/Recognize the Seasons of Your Life
Frequency with God
A Kingdom Experience
Darrell Anthony Burgess: Perspective
Steps into Newness
Sharon Thompson: Remaining Focused in 2018
Peace on Earth
Find your missing peace
Darrell Anthony Burgess: Cancelling Carnality
Faith Works by Love
Connecting to God
Irvin Vance: Christ the mirror effect
Fear Not
Stay Focused
4 year Anniversary Service
Darrell Anthony Burgess: Rebuilding Trust
All things are possible!
Sharon Thompson: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Breaking New Ground
Darrell Anthony Burgess: Forward Thinking
Arthur Meintjes: The present day ministry of the Holy Spirit
Loving the Missing Piece
God With Us Part 2 (Pastor Wendell Thompson)
God with Us (Sharon Thompson)
Life in the Overcomer (Darrell Anthony Burgess)
Unleash the flow of Grace(Irvin Vance)
Dream Big (Keisha Thompson)
Being in the Right Position
Finding Love
Finding Love (Sis. Sharon Thompson)
The Good Life
The Good Life