“When we found GFO we knew we needed to get back into church. We were newly married and had a teenager. So doing this together was a must. What we got was so much more. I know, the Lord led us here from the first sermon. My husband and I came to check it out first after that said we would be back with the kid. I came in knowing I needed something new. Every where I had been I was there because family was there and felt I had to be there.

At GFO, I felt I needed to be here. I have been so emotional here. It took a few months before I knew why. I was hurting, I had been covering it up so long. I didn’t even know I was. At GFO it was like the flood gates had opened and in this season healing had started. Our son and myself operated in fear of God and messing up. We tried to be perfect knowing that is not possible. We knew the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross. GFO has opened our eyes to God’s love and understanding reverence for Him in a new light. Pastor Wendell is also a counselor and that aspect shows up in how the church operates. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. My husband and myself even got baptized again. We are honored to call GFO our church home.” – D & J

Testimonial: A New Understanding of God’s Love