I came to Grace at a time where I was broken. I was referred to Pastor Wendell for counseling, and my initial thought was “a Pastor who does counseling, sounds just as bad as a lawyer”. I didn’t really want to go, but the state I was in, I didn’t think things could get much worse. My first session with Pastor Wendell was great! He became my new favorite person in less than 30 minutes. First Lady, Keisha was so nice and welcomed me with open arms. They are fantastic leaders. 

I was encouraged to attend a service, and I was extremely hesitant to go. After one service, I knew I found my new home. I was greeted with nothing but big, bright smiles, and everyone who talked to me made me feel warm inside. It did take me a minute to let my guard down, and get use to how nice everyone was. Usually I’m not on the receiving end. 

I grew up in church, so I was aware of who Jesus was, the importance of him, and how he should be ahead of my life.

Though it wasn’t until becoming a member of GFO, I really started pushing myself to apply the gems being talked about in bible study, the New Beginning Classes, and Sunday service to my life, all the time. It’s a challenge, and it’s new for me, but the reward has been worth it. 

Every single person that attends Grace is genuine, and kindhearted. Every. Last. Person. I always said that GFO is real. And they really do execute their mission statement (Luke 4:18-19). 

I don’t express it much but coming to GFO has helped me tremendously, and saved me from not giving up on life. 

I’m happy to call myself a member, and forever grateful for everyone.


Testimonial: After one service, I knew I found my new home.