“From the start as a visitor, GFO has shown me nothing but love. It was a connection that was and still is genuine and true filled with down to earth people. I’ve been a member of this awesome ministry since 2016. They’ve been there at many of our special events like our wedding and also ministered in the event, Free George Wells, who is my nephew and by the glory of God will soon be home. They served at my mother’s repass.

The Ministry of The Church:

This great ministry has provided help in counseling that I can say I’ve experienced the greatness of God like never before setting me free from guilt back to restoration.

Through its teaching the word of God has helped me tremendously in understanding who God says he is and of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

By the anointing of prayer many of God’s promises have come into fruition to hear many instructions given to us by the Holy Spirit.

As I look at the body of Christ I can say that this church is doing all what Jesus has set up to do and I am grateful that The Holy Spirit lead me to Jesus by using GFO for God’s glory.”  – Glenn & Dawn T.

Testimonial: A Genuine Connection